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Al Mèni, the Circus of Flavors

from 17/06/2023 to 18/06/2023

Al Mèni, the circus of flavors will take place on June 17th and 18th: Massimo Bottura and other top chefs will meet in Piazzale Fellini. The square next to the sea, named after the great Rimini director who filled his films with dreams and powerful circus references, will be filled with culinary art and poetry.

Al Mèni will have the Mediterranean as its theme. 12 cooking talents, between cooking shows and starred dishes, gather in the atmosphere of a great taste festival. The best products of the region are showcased in the market stalls along the seafront. Special gourmet street food spots meet with workshops, artisans, farmers, fishermen, and winemakers for an open-air exhibition dedicated to food in all its forms. And then, the starred picnic returns to the garden of the legendary Grand Hotel.

The colorful tent of the “Circus 8 and ½ of Flavors”: a tribute to the visionary spirit of Federico Fellini conceived by Massimo Bottura, together with CheftoChef EmiliaRomagnaCooks, Rimini Street Food, Slow Food Emilia Romagna and the Municipality of Rimini, to celebrate a great festival of taste where the hands and hearts of Italian and international culinary talents and the best producers of the region with the highest concentration of DOP and IGP in the world meet: Emilia Romagna.

Al Mèni, the circus of flavors, is at its ninth edition. Al Mèni (in Romagna dialect means ‘hands’, and recalls the title of a poem by Tonino Guerra), which has never stopped even in the two extremely complicated years of the Covid emergency. After the last two editions that took place exceptionally in the historical center, the great festival of taste returns to its traditional location “with a sea view” in Piazzale Fellini, with several confirmations and as many novelties.

The party will revolve inside and outside the big white and red circus: around the tent will be the street food stations of Michelin-starred chefs and fishermen; on the waterfront, the Market of Excellence producers will parade, an extraordinary showcase of the best products of the Emilia Romagna Region; in Fellini Park, the Matriosca artisans will meet to present the best of their creativity, rigorously made by hand. While the circus tents will open onto cooking show performances with 12 rotating Michelin-starred chefs showcasing their skills in the open kitchen, creating the wonder of flavors in unique dishes at street food prices.

This year’s novelty is the theme related to the Mediterranean as a welcoming basin. The Mediterranean is not only a sea but also the islands that surround it, the coasts it touches, a place of encounter and clash between peoples and cultures, and obviously of their foods. In the 2023 edition of Al Meni, Slow Food Emilia Romagna will organize in their eastern tent outside the circus, workshops, tastings, meetings with authors, sailors, journalists, book presentations, and double interviews with chefs and producers who will populate this edition and will discuss the Mediterranean topic from many points of view. The show will end with a focus on Emilia-Romagna’s DOP and IGP products, and the audience will be invited to reflect and experience firsthand the themes that concern our seas, our lands, our food, and the bonds that all this has created among peoples.

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