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Festival of Polenta and Mushrooms

One of the best traditional food festivals in the Valmarecchia (Marecchia valley) is back!

Visit Perticara, a village in the hinterland of Rimini, and taste the typical polenta with ragù meat sauce and mushrooms, a local dish made with flour containing 13 kinds of corn milled in water!

There you can also taste other local dishes such as piadina, and roasted chestnuts (caldarroste) accompanied by the local red wine Sangiovese D.O.C. for a great culinary experience!

Along the streets of Perticara, you will enjoy the village, the market, traditional games, and great entertainment spending unforgettable Sundays!

The countryside festival is also a great chance to explore the surroundings and visit “Sulphur” the Historical Mining Museum of Perticara, where you can learn the history of 500 years of sulfur mining in a 3,000 square-meters exhibition area.

Where: Perticara di Novaveltria (RN)
When:Every Sunday in September and on 2nd October 2022
Free admission
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