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Tchoukball Festival

from 12/05/2023 to 14/05/2023

The Tchoukball Festival will be held in Viserba di Rimini at the beach resorts from the 24 to the 36, and it will be a great opportunity for all enthusiasts of this sport to come together and have fun.

Here you can discover a unique sport, and what better way than to come to the biggest and most fun Tchoukball international festival in the world. Players will have the opportunity to test their skills and knowledge in a series of exciting challenges that will put their shooting, passing, and defensive abilities to the test.

The festival is divided into 5 tournaments: Under14, Under19, Open, Competitivo Slam, and OverAnta, which will be played on the beach of Rimini’s bathing establishments.

In addition to the Tchoukball matches, there will also be appetizers and parties that will last until late at night. Everyone will be able to have fun and enjoy the festive atmosphere and positive energy that the festival will bring to Viserba di Rimini.

Finally, the Tchoukball Festival will also represent an opportunity to promote the importance of sports and physical activity for health and well-being. Through participation in the festival, players will be able to experience the benefits of physical activity and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Where: Viserba di Rimini, baths 24-36

When: from May 12th to May 14th, 2023

Admission: fee required for participants. See rates here.

For further information about the festival click here.

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