Rimini is... BEAUTIFUL!

Rimini is a beautiful city bustling with village neighbourhoods and parks. It’s a beautiful, welcoming and diverse place that is always open to change.

Rimini, what a beauty!

Rimini is so beautiful!

It is beautiful thanks to its coastline and beach, and it is unique thanks to its village neighbourhood sand its old town housing picturesque nooks, parks and gardens, which guarantee local residents a high quality of living.

Rimini is beautiful because it knows how to change with the times both intelligently and sustainably. It knows how to retrain and regenerate itself. It knows how to choose new lifestyles that are more in tune with nature and the ecosystem to which it belongs.


Rimini is beautiful because it knows how to combine the old with the new with both ease and simplicity.

It knows how to be a melting pot of cultures and accents without forgetting its history or poetic dialect. You’ll find beautiful Rimini where you least expect it: early in the morning at the central market Mercato Centrale Coperto, where people sell fish fresh off the boats and the stalls are filled with all kinds of delights… or at sundown as you stroll along the harbour to the end of the pier to watch fishing boats return to moor, surrounded by flocks of seagulls.


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