Rimini is a heart that beats between the sea and the sky. Romantic, pop and one-of-a-kind… Rimini turns every situation into a dream. Here’s where you can plan the most memorable day of your life

Rimini: Yes, I do!

Say your “I do” quietly or loudly, wholeheartedly or laughing, on the happiest day of your life in Rimini. Rimini is the ideal location for your wedding. Rimini, romantic and pop at the same time, lively and always poetic, is a city surrounded by the sea and beautiful hills: the perfect setting for your wedding.

Rimini is the right place first and foremost because it has always been a setting for love stories, from the first summer “crushes” to world-famous stories including Paolo and Francesca‘s one, told in the Divine Comedy’s fifth Canto. Furthermore, Rimini is the ideal location – apart from its magical atmosphere – because it provides you with a network of professionals and high-quality services, ranging from catering to wedding planners, from hotel booking to the organisation of hen or stag parties, from photographers to bridal guides… in other words, everything you need in order to turn your wedding day into a daydream.

The fact that this authentic and warm city by the sea,  with wonderful food, has a history of more than 2,000 years is a value added to the network of services. Enchanting sites, historic and priceless settings, famous personalities and world-famous legends are all at your disposal to make your wedding special.


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