Rimini is great for your… WELL-BEING!
Rimini is great for your… WELL-BEING


Rimini is a people-friendly city home to a whole host of facilities and fun opportunities that contribute to the well-being of the people who live here.

Open-air gyms, an extensive cycling network, and large spaces for walking and practising sports (of all kinds but especially outdoor pursuits!) make Rimini a paradise for people who prefer to lead a sustainable lifestyle, who love to keep fit, and who highly value their physical and mental well-being.


Rimini in forma - yoga

In fact, the Municipality of Rimini recently built the very impressive Bicipolitana cycling route, which belongs to the municipal network and allows locals to get around safely and easily. What’s more, just outside the railway station, a new equipped bike park offers cyclists several useful services, including a bike workshop, a large, guarded storage unit, and an e-bike rental and charging service.

The sea and the beach are two great places to enjoy physical activity or sports, whatever the season. Head on down to any section of the beach and join a game of beach tennis or volleyball… or marvel at the infinite number of potential starting points for a spot of Nordic walking along the waterfront.

Rimini in forma - piste ciclabili


Rimini is also home to plenty of other great locations for sports and outdoors pursuits. In fact, the city is full of green spaces and parks, making it a great place for runners. Meditation lovers, on the other hand, can practice yoga in the tranquil Piazza sull’Acqua overlooking the historic Ponte di Tiberio. While Cross-Fit fans can train freely on one of the many wellness islands in the new Parco del Mare district.

Rimini also hosts several sporting events relating to the well-being and sports sectors, including the Rimini Marathon, Paganello – the Beach Ultimate Experience, and several large international trade fairs, such as Rimini Wellness.



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