Rimini is home to some… INCREDIBLE COUNTRYSIDE!

There’s a lot more than the sea and the city to explore in Rimini… the region is also home to some wonderful countryside boasting local traditions and nature, nestled between the Adriatic and the Apennines.

Rimini, what beautiful countryside!

Rimini is home to some truly incredible countryside! The city is famous for much more than its waterfront…. it also boasts some amazing natural scenery.

To the west, Valmarecchia descends into the sea, forging a spectacular valley along the way that is home to ancient villages, thick forests, great nature trails, and fortresses with some truly breath-taking views.

In the south, Valconca is home to rolling hills and farmlands that smell of sweet grapes, olives, and wheat, and offer wonderful views of the coastline and its charming, fortified towns.

The countryside surrounding Rimini is bustling with nature, history and traditions, which come together to form a unique and beautiful natural tapestry, making it an exciting new place to explore.

Whether you fancy visiting the local castles to learn more about myths and legends, want to sample local produce made by welcoming wineries and farms, or are keen to explore the mountain peaks and dirt roads by bike, the countryside surrounding Rimini is bound to amaze you.


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Rimini è una meravigliosa terra