Rimini is... GREEN!
Rimini is… GREEN

Rimini’s transformation into a green city started some time ago, so much so that “Rimini is Green” is often uttered by people aware of the city’s recent history. Work on several city redevelopment projects started over a decade ago, converting Rimini into a productive urban community in terms of sustainability and eco-compatibility.

Some of the city’s most futuristic projects have reached the national and international headlines, such as its ambitious Optimised Bathing Safeguard Plan (better known as PSBO), which will make Rimini the first coastal city to have definitively solved the problem of discharging wastewater into the sea.


The Metromare (which links the city to various coastal areas and hotels by train) is also pushing the city in the direction of sustainable transport development, while its Plastic-Free Beach project is definitely worthy of a mention and has seen the involvement of the entire community.

Rimini is also developing the Bicipolitana (a city cycling circuit), the Bike Park – the new bike station just outside the railway station – which makes it easier to reach Rimini by train and then moving by bike during the holiday – a network of eco-friendly hotels, 50 electric columns for recharging vehicles (43 already installed and 7 to be installed soon), a separate waste collection (with innovative e-gate system), a thriving fishing scene that provides the city with a constant supply of fresh fish, the presence of local producers (small farms engaged in organic and bio-dynamic farming), who animate local markets with their delicious, zero-mile produce.


Discover the Sustainable Rimini map with cycle paths, water recharge stations, electric charging station and more…

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