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Rimini Restaurant

“ Rimini is seaside, culture, nature, sport, business and … of course delicious food!
Certaintly, we know that city gastronomy is one of the most emotional and appreciated activity to do during your journey. Therefore, in order to taste the typical dishes of our destination and its recipes we have selected some of the most historic and fashionable restaurants; introducing you Rimini and its tables.
You will choose if having lunch or dinner near to the center of the city or to the seaside, in a typical bistrot in which you absolute have to try the piadina (flatbread) or in a starred restaurant; some of them are located a few steps from the oldest roman monuments others instead can be found in Borgo San Giuliano famous for its colorful houses.
Our restaurant selection has the goal to fulfill our guests’ gastronomic interest. Passion, tradition are preserved in ancient uses handend down through generations , such as homemade pasta; this mixed with the innovative recipes of our days create a unique combination of flavors, just like a perfect representation of our territory.
We suggest you a full immersive experience in Rimini, where gastronomic flavors are perfect combined with hospitality , an experience that we are honored to offer you.”

All Year Round
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