Rimini's Beaches... comfort and beauty!

Rimini is famous for the sea because in this city, all roads lead to the waterfront and its fantastic beach, which is safe, well-equipped and one of the most beautiful and appreciated seafronts in the world!

Sun, SEA, and Rimini

It may sound cliché… but Rimini is famous for its waterfront. And in Rimini, all roads lead to the sea, making it one of the first things people discover when visiting the city.

This natural wonder welcomes visitors in the summer months with temperate waters offering respite from the heat. However, the sea waters are also striking in the dead of winter as you stroll along the waterfront, immersed in a dreamy, Fellini-like fog, captivated by the mellow sound of the waves on the undertow.

Whether you choose to navigate the waters aboard a solitary sailboat or on a motorboat with friends, and whether you prefer to dive to its depths, un earthing shipwrecks and marveling at the local biodiversity, or to admire the scenery while cycling through the delightful Parco del Mare district, Rimini’s waterfront never fails to delight.

Rimini’s beach is famous, safe, and well-equipped and is often thought of as one of most beautiful beaches in the world! It’s a beach to be enjoyed in its many forms.

At the beach, you can relax on a sun lounger in the summer breeze or enjoy a spot of yoga at sunrise. It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset during aperitivo hour on the waterfront or to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon playing beach volleyball or tennis with friends. Whatever you fancy doing, the city beach is bound to win you over. And whether you’re in search of total relaxation or are desperate for some action and pure adrenaline –it’s definitely the beach for you.



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