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Piazza Tre Martiri

Piazza Tre Martiri is the heart of Rimini. Located at point of intersection between the cardus maximus and the decumanus maximus, in correspondence with the ancient Roman Forum.
In the Middle Ages, it has also been called “Piazza delle Erbe” and was used for public events, for example horse races, dances, markets, and public shows.
The square has undergone quite a number of name changes. It started as the Forum of the city, and was later refered popularly to as Piazza Grande. After the construction of the chapel dedicated to St Anthony it became known as Piazza Sant’Antonio and Piazza Giulio Cesare.
The actual name of the square, “Tre Martiri” is in memory of three young Partisans who were executed in this square in 1944 ( Mario Cappelli, Luigi Nicolò, Adelio Pagliarani).
Now, if you face the sea, on your right you will see the tiny temple dedicated to St Anthony of Padua (built in the early 1500’s), the clock-tower (built in 1547).