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Rimini Caput Viarum (Visitor Center)

The current Visitor Centre, a privileged tourist information point in the city centre, is located inside the deconsecrated Church of Santa Maria ad Nives.
This church was part of the religious complex of Santa Maria della Misericordia, built in 1368 along the decumanus maximus, today’s Corso d’Augusto, on a piece of land donated by the Lateran Chapter to the Confraternity of the Blessed Virgin.
Thanks to the local Seignory, the Malatesta family, during the 15th century it became a hospital, for the assistance of the most needy, while in the following century it also became an orphanage: even today on the façade of the church (right side near the entrance) there is the pit used at the time to introduce, as the inscription engraved on the marble says, “Elemosine and Remains to the Hospitale Misericordia”.
In 1800, a hospital in the modern sense arose in Rimini, and so the poor but curable patients were transferred from the Ospedale Della Misericordia to the former College of the Jesuit Fathers, located in the present Palazzo Tonini (now housing the Museum of the City of Rimini), which took the name of “Ospedale Infermi” and remained there until 14 June 1976. The original structure, damaged by the earthquake of 1916, was definitively deconsecrated in 1930 and subsequently purchased by the Municipality of Rimini, which first used it as a Council Chamber and, in recent times, as a portal for information and cultural exploration. Today it is possible to retrace the historical events of the city through a rich multimedia apparatus housed in the nave.