Rimini all year round


The PesceAzzurro self-service restaurant, open since 2012, is located on the Rimini Miramare promenade. The large and bright glass room offers a beautiful view of the beach and the sea beyond and has a dedicated children’s area. The fishermen’s cooperative restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy traditional seafood dishes.

The PesceAzzurro self-service restaurants are located between Marche and Emilia Romagna, along the Adriatic coast, with different fish menus every day at a fixed price. The full menu includes 2 starters + 1 first course + 2 main courses + 1 side dish + bread + water and wine on tap. Possibility of consumption on site or takeaway. For the little ones there is the kids menu, a first course in the shape of a small fish, with an ice cream cup and water on tap.

For a complete experience, you cannot miss at the end of the meal the Moretta, a typical Fano liqueur, with coffee and lemon peel, to be enjoyed in every bar of the PesceAzzurro.

PesceAzzurro Restaurant – Viale Principe di Piemonte, 4/a – Rimini – Tel. 0541/478506info@pesceazzurro.com