Rimini all year round


Even a boot is good with oil and salt” says an ancient popular proverb. A saying that those of Nostrano certainly know well, a place where love, passion for genuine products of the earth and for ancient culinary traditions are enhanced in a triumph of tastes and excellence. Nostrano, which we could define as a real boutique of Romagna flavours, was established in the heart of Rimini in 2017 when Andrea Faneschi decided to follow his passion for food and wine. The activity of Nostrano takes place in the continuous research and selection of quality products coming exclusively from the Romagna area. Inside, distributed among the shelves and tables of the store like a beautiful garden of delicacies, it is possible to find many small realities, which, in many cases, are not present in the sales network, but here they can count on a showcase where they can exhibit and make known their products: wines, craft beers, extra virgin olive oils, jams, in oil vegetables and much, much more. Because here at Nostrano, every season has its fruits … and its goodness is ready to be tasted. Like the delicious selection of products based on white truffles, bianchetto, truffle cream and sauce. The wide range of wines also denotes an ability to choose the best products and a particular attention towards quality. Here you will find a careful collection of the best wines of Romagna, often coming from small companies that are still little known. There are also gift ideas with a wide selection of “Romagna flavours boxes” filled to the brim with Romagna products. You can do only one thing: TASTE them. From salami and mora romagnola sausage, pit cheese, pecorino, truffle, oils from the Romagna hills, up to the renowned Cervia salt. And the best beers of Romagna, in order to spend a nice evening dedicated to good taste!
A free local wine tasting for two people for a minimum cost of € 40.