Rimini all year round

22 August 2022
The newest VisitRimini tourism app
The newest VisitRimini tourism app

You can download the newest VisitRimini tourism app from the iOS and Android app stores. It was developed by VisitRimini

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19 July 2022
The beach in Rimini: whether equipped or free is for everyone

Rimini’s beach extends for about 15 km. The seashore is wide and mostly occupied by private bathing establishments equipped with

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30 May 2022
Fun in Rimini: nightlife, adrenaline and more!

No matter your age, Rimini is the capital city of entertainment. There are plenty of fun activities to choose from,

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29 April 2022
Rimini è mare
Family vacation in Rimini: a “sea” of proposals!

Planning your family vacation may be complicated: you may be looking for an amazing destination including a lot of activities,

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28 April 2022
shopping a Rimini
Top 10 must-see attractions in Rimini

Rimini is a city with many faces that can surprise visitors at any time with its atmosphere, history, art, nature,

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28 March 2022
VAlmarecchia autunno
Hiking in Rimini

If you love hiking, in Rimini there is an extraordinary hinterland that extends beyond its beautiful beaches and sea! The

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11 February 2022
Top 10 desserts to eat in Rimini

There are so many delicacies to eat in Rimini: baked goods, puddings, mouthwatering fried desserts and fresh ice cream for

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22 October 2021
Museo dell'aviazione
Things to do in Rimini: visit the Aviation Museum & Theme Park!

Visit the Aviation Museum: a must-see attraction in Rimini! Not only for aircraft enthusiasts. Located on a hill full of

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18 June 2021
Parco del Mare
Parco del Mare (Sea Park) : the new waterfront reflects the holistic concept of wellness.

Many green zones, sports areas, bicycle and pedestrian paths, dunes, Adriatic vegetation, outdoor gyms, sea forests and fountain-trees inspired by

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18 May 2021
Rimini è bella
Bridge of Tiberius, protagonist in Rimini for 2000 years.

In 2021 the majestic Roman bridge, built between 14 and 21 A.D., celebrates its 2,000th birthday! The monument of Rimini

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1 May 2021
Rimini’s Fish Market: one of the most important fish markets in the Adriatic Sea.

Rimini is a sea town and therefore it has its own fish market. The culture, the tradition and the tourism

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8 March 2021
Wedding in Rimini? A dream between sea, art and history.

Wedding by the sea: your dreams come true in Rimini! The sea breeze, the sound of waves, the smell of

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