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Fun in Rimini: nightlife, adrenaline and more!

No matter your age, Rimini is the capital city of entertainment. There are plenty of fun activities to choose from, especially for younger folks: clubs, theme parks, live music events, parties, happy hours and boat tours!

On the Riviera Romagnola, Rimini is considered the symbol of nightlife. Its 15 kilometers of seafront promenade are the hub of Rimini’s movida with plenty of bars and restaurants, wine bars and pubs. Events and parties will liven up your summer nights and you’ll bring home unique memories!

Vita notturna in discoteca a Rimini
The Carnaby in Rimini at the peak of its nightlife

Get on the dancefloor!

For young people in Rimini, clubs are definitely not to be missed. Let’s start a fun tour of our best-known clubs!

Open all summer nights, Carnaby in Rivazzurra (southern area of Rimini) is known for its informal and colorful atmosphere. Clubbers of all musical tastes (hip hop, trap, raggaeton & dembow, dance, house, edm, and classic hits) will find their needs met across three dance rooms and meet many international club enthusiasts!

Altromondo Studios, in Miramare, stands out for its internationally known futuristic atmosphere, with strobe lights and lasers.

Baia Imperiale, in Gabicce Mare, where you’ll enjoy your club experience in a Roman-style location with columns, busts, thrones, braziers, gardens and pools.

Vita notturna in discoteca a Rimini
Baia Imperiale is one of the best-known clubs in the surroundings of Rimini

Villa delle Rose, located in the hills of Misano, near Riccione, is a classy club with a breathtaking view that features both indoors and outdoors areas, the latter with an arena-inspired design. In summer, Villa delle Rose hosts live music events and dinner shows. 

Peter Pan, in Riccione, has been a point of reference for state-of-the-art clubbing since the 80’s. Many of the best international DJs have played in this venue for clubbers of all musical tastes. Peter Pan features two dance floors and a panoramic terrace.

Cocoricò: the symbol of Riviera Romagnola’s nightlife, a techno enthusiast’s dream. The emblematic pyramid regularly hosts top-notch international DJs.

Musica Club, formerly known as Prince, partners with Radio M2O to bring the best international guests on the hills where Italian clubbing started.

Byblos Club is a stunning Mediterranean villa with Mexican-style architectural elements, surrounded by delightful greenery of pine and olive trees.

Entertainment in Rimini: seaside and beach venues

Rimini BeachArena is the largest summer event venue in the Riviera Romagnola, located in the southern Rimini seaside. Every year Rimini Beach Arena hosts the best international artists in a permanent music festival designed for young people from all Europe. The venue is equipped with all kinds of food and beverage services and is easily accessible by public or private transport.

Musica e divertimento in spiaggia a Rimini
Rimini Beach Arena hosts important concerts and events

Also, don’t miss the chance to enjoy an evening cocktail in our many bars: Coconuts, Barrumba, Tiburon and Rock Island, on the very edge of Rimini’s port, are just a few.

Samsara Beach has been setting the bar for beach parties since its opening, thanks to its beautiful seafront location in northern Riccione and the relevance of its guests in the Italian and international scene.

Malindi Biky Beach lies in a natural oasis in Cattolica. In addition to its charming location, just a stone’s throw from the sea, Malindi offers wide space to spend splendid summer days on the shore, sipping a cocktail or savoring a delicious dinner at sunset. 

It’s time for a cocktail in Rimini!

What’s better than a refreshing cocktail after a long day spent sunbathing and having fun in Rimini’s fully-equipped beach establishments? Sitting in a nice seafront bar, while sipping on your beverage of choice and enjoying music is the best way to enjoy Rimini’s pleasant atmosphere.

Musica e aperitivi in spiaggia a Rimini
In Rimini, there are countless bars where you can enjoy a sunset aperitif

As for entertainment and relaxation, Rimini offers a wide range of options. For instance, Turquouise beach, where events, live shows and dj sets take place on a nightly basis. Or Chiringuito Pura Vida, on the beach establishment 44, for those looking for a mix of sea, sun, fresh fruit and cocktails. We also recommend Dune Cafè and Darsena Sunset Bar, both really popular among locals.

Belaburdela, the modernly designed beach establishment n. 70-71, offers many amenities, such as wide relaxation areas featuring beds with ergonomic pillows, a small thalassotherapy pool, as well as locally-sourced products for your seafront breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bagni Tiki 26 is a proper holiday village particularly suited for fitness enthusiasts: crossfit, calisthenics, parkour are some examples of the activities you may enjoy throughout the day. Le Fontane – Family Beach, in Miramare, is the first family seafront garden.

La Notte Rosa: Italian Summer’s New Year’s Eve!

Notte Rosa is one of the most exciting summer events of Romagna. On the first weekend of July, Romagna turns pink as concerts and events set the whole Riviera in a party mood. One of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year that, with cheerfulness and music, perfectly reflects the Romagna tradition.

Having fun in the center of Rimini

musica e aperitivi a Rimini
Borgo San Giuliano, in Rimini, is known for its wineries, restaurants and delis

One of the symbols of Rimini’s “movida”, Vecchia Pescheria (“old fish market”) is a characteristic and picturesque establishment in the city center. Together with San Gregorio square, it’s the nightlife epicenter, thanks to its bars and “cantinette”. If you are looking forward to discovering Romagna’s gastronomic traditions, just cross the Tiberius Bridge and you’ll get to Borgo San Giuliano, where pubs and delis will introduce you to the best examples of Romagna’s gastronomic traditions with gourmet appetizers, organic locally-sourced products and street food.

Water parks: make a splash!

If you want to have fun all day long, you can’t miss Rimini’s many water parks. It would be a pity to leave Rimini without spending a day at Boa Bay, a floating water park with slides, tunnels, ramps, trampolines, platforms, a giant “iceberg” and many more inflatable playgrounds!

Rimini Acquascivoli is a large seafront waterpark in Rivabella. It features 4 water slides and a large pool equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. Rimini Acquascivoli is also available for birthdays and theme parties, as well as live music events.

Or head to Beach Village in Riccione if you’re in the mood for group dances: the entertainment staff can’t wait to teach you their signature dance moves! At Beach Village, you’ll find pools, slides and american bar. At night time, there are many beach bars and restaurants nearby, where you can listen to some music and make new friends.

Your holiday in Rimini wouldn’t be complete without spending a day in Aquafan, the water park for adrenaline lovers!

sport e svago a Rimini
With Boa Bay’s sea inflatables fun is guaranteed!

Adrenaline by the sea!

You can’t fully experience Rimini’s seaside without taking a half day or full day boat trip in the beautiful coastal surroundings of Rimini.

If you have a license and you’re looking for some adrenaline, rent a motorbike and ride the waves by yourself or with a friend! The more physically fit may also try Sup, which stands for “Stand up paddling”. This sport originated from the ancient Hawaiian way of surfing long distances using a paddle, on still or rough water.

What about seeing the Rimini Riviera from above? Try parasailing, an increasingly popular sport among young people. A specific kind of balloon-like sail tied to a speedboat will lift you in the air, giving you the impression of flying. What an adrenaline rush!

Rimini’s seaside also offers exciting towable rides, which can fit up to 10 people. Choose your towable: the classic “banana boat”, a donut, a disco boat, and even a sofa!

Outdoor Fitness

sport all'aria aperta a Rimini
Keep yourself in shape at the brand new “Rimini Waterfront Gym”

Have you ever thought of working out with a sea view? “Rimini Waterfront Gym” is an openable gym-box, built out of a re-adjusted cargo container, for functional training and outdoor sport enthusiasts. “Rimini Waterfront Gym” adds itself to the other outdoor fitness areas scattered along the new Lungomare, and allows group training sessions for up to 10 people.

Comics and cosplay

Every year in July, Rimini hosts Cartoon Club, the International Festival of Animated Film, Comics and Games. The festival includes a rich calendar of events in Rimini’s most attractive places: screenings of competing short films, previews, award ceremonies, exhibitions, meetings, workshops, master classes and special projects. Cartoon Club festival also hosts Riminicomix, the annual comic book festival held in Piazzale Fellini. The program of Riminicomix includes live music, author appearances and cosplay conventions with cosplayers from across Europe.

eventi a Rimini
At Rimini comix you’ll meet colorful cosplayers from all around Europe!

Unconventional guided tours

Spending a day exploring the city is definitely a fun thing to do in Rimini. As for guided tours, Rimini provides a wide choice, even at night time: Ancient Roman Rimini, the medieval city, Sismondo Castle, Fellini’s Itinerary. Other options include street art-themed tours and Part – Palazzi dell’Arte Rimini. 

If you fancy discovering Rimini in a fun and original way, try InsoliTouRimini: “theatrical” guided city center tours in July, an increasingly popular choice among visitors. An unconventional itinerary that will bring you in the lesser known areas of the historic center while your guides provide intriguing curiosities and anecdotes.

One way to enjoy the view of the Tiberius Bridge is having a relaxing picnic in the nearby green area. Placemat, cutlery and food are provided by Picnic by I Ristoranti del Borgo San Giuliano; all youhave to do is choose the menu we prefer.

Discovering Rimini by bike

With more than 130 km of cycle paths, cycling enthusiasts can comfortably ride their bike through Rimini’s urban area and countryside. 

The Green Ring route (“percorso Anello Verde”), starts from Kennedy square, on Lungomare Tintori, and then proceeds through one of the city’s “green lungs” leading to Rimini’s historic center via the Augustus Arch, the ancient entrance of the city.

The list of must-see attractions in Rimini includes: Malatesta temple, Tiberius Bridge, Borgo San Giuliano, the port Palata, Grand Hotel, Cava Park and Marecchia Park.

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