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Top 10 desserts to eat in Rimini

There are so many delicacies to eat in Rimini: baked goods, puddings, mouthwatering fried desserts and fresh ice cream for every season. Here is a list of the top 10 desserts to eat in Rimini for special occasions, parties, summer vacations, a tasty break, or after a great lunch with the best local products.

1. Fiocchetti, ravioli and Carnival tagliatelle

Carnival in Rimini: take the chance to discover the town surrounded by fairgrounds, confetti, children’s parties, and, of course, delicious fried treats.
The fiocchetti (also called chiacchiere or frappe) are certainly one of the best desserts to taste in Rimini. They are crispy thin pastries with a ribbon shape made out of dough and eggs, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The same kind of dough is also used to prepare fried ravioli, stuffed with chocolate or fruit jam, and Carnival tagliatelle, traditional fried pastries sprinkled with caramel and orange peel.

Fiocchetti festa per Carnevale - uno dei dolci più buoni da mangiare a Rimini
Cose buone da mangiare a Rimini: i fiocchetti di Carnevale

2. Castagnole

In addition to fiocchetti and tagliatelle, another important carnival dessert are the so-called castagnole, delicious soft balls of fried dough, flavored with anise and lemon. You can taste them served plain, sprinkled with sugar or filled with cream or chocolate. But the most traditional castagnole are the ones soaked in the liqueur Alkermes.

3. Bombolone romagnolo

Bombolone romagnolo is the “king” of fried desserts in Romagna. A big donut, filled with fresh custard (several variants include chocolate, hazelnut cream or pistachio) and sprinkled with powdered sugar, whose Italian name comes from the word “bomb”, maybe for its “explosive” taste. A must-taste dessert to savor while drinking a cappuccino for breakfast or to be eaten as a snack food during a crazy summer party in Rimini!

4. Cantarelle

The Cantarelle (similar to pancakes) are one of the most ancient desserts in Rimini, always present in traditional festivals, such as the one in the district of Borgo San Giuliano. The recipe requires corn flour and wheat flour to make a dough that is cooked on the piadina pan (testo). You can eat them hot, sprinkled with a little Evo oil and granulated sugar. Excellent also with honey or jam!

La grande torta realizzata per festeggiare 100 anni della nascita del Maestro Fellini, nato a Rimini
La “Zuppa inglese dei sogni” realizzata per il centenario della nascita di Federico Fellini

5. Zuppa inglese (English soup)

The zuppa inglese (English soup), a kind of trifle, was Federico Fellini’s favorite dessert. This spoon dessert, a symbol of gluttony and abundance is always present in the dessert menus of restaurants and bars around Rimini.
It’s a joy for your palate to taste all the layers of cream, chocolate, and sponge cake soaked in the liqueur Alkermes! This dessert, by tradition, should be served in big portions.

6. Ciambella romagnola

The Ciambella Romagnola (Romagna donut) is one of the most versatile and simple baked desserts. You can dip it in hot milk at breakfast, eat it after a meal with a glass of wine or even dip it in wine as it was done in the past. An elliptical-shaped donut without a hole and flavored with vanilla, anise, and lemon, this sweet is present in many homes in Rimini, where for Easter people generally eat it with blessed boiled eggs, salami and wine.

7. Piadina with jam or Nutella

Which is the best piadina in Rimini? The salty piadina with ham, squacquerone cheese, rook, sardines and onions or the sweet piadina with jam or Nutella? Difficult choice, they are both delicious!
Piadina filled with desserts is one of the most ancient recipes. In the past, people would eat it with milk for breakfast. Today, you can find sweet piadinas with many kinds of fruit jams and spread creams. A delightful match for a snack or a final dessert!

8. Piada dei Morti

For the Day of the Dead, at the beginning of November, the bakeries and pastry shops in Rimini prepare the so-called Piada dei Morti (Piada of the Dead), a typical autumnal dessert of Rimini made with wine, raisins, dried fruit and brewer’s yeast. This cake is easy to recognize since it’s flat, shiny because of eggs yolk, dark and covered with walnuts, pine nuts and almonds. Taste it with a glass of sweet wine or raisin wine!

9. Bustrengo

The Romagnol Bustrengo (e’ bustreng) is another typical old dessert from Rimini and now a rare dish proposed by few cooks who still maintain and hand down the tradition.
The traditional ingredients of this particular cake are: yellow and white flour, stale bread (even if some variants are made with semolina or rice), milk, eggs, oil, apples, raisins and dried figs. The cake is normally baked and finally eaten cut into strips or small cubes, according to the old culinary tradition.

Il Gelato, uno dei 10 dolci più buoni da mangiare a Rimini
Il Sigep a Rimini è la più importante fiera internazionale dedicata a gelato e pasticceria

10. Ice cream

Last but not least, one of the top 10 desserts to eat in Rimini is handmade ice cream, a true culinary art.
It’s no coincidence that every year Rimini hosts the Sigep, the ice-cream fair, the most important international event in the confectionery industry. The artisan ice-cream parlors in Rimini are open any time of year with their excellent proposals.You can find ice cream shops in the historical center, in several districts, in the area along the seafront. There, you can enjoy high-quality ice cream with the most special flavors throughout the year, not only in summer.
Natural ingredients, fresh fruit, traditional production… Eating ice cream in Rimini represents a moment of pleasure for the palate and the soul!

Is your mouth already watering? If so, don’t wait and book a hotel for your sweetest vacation in Rimini!